How do I fit my Hive Window or Door Sensor?

To fix your Hive Window or Door Sensor in place, please follow the below guidance. Remember that removing the adhesive strips from paint can leave marks.

- Check your sensor’s signal before fixing it in place. You can do this in the Hive app or online dashboard under "Manage Devices"
- One part of the sensor goes on the door and the other part goes on the frame. Arrange both parts so that the marked strips are aligned
- The sensor parts should ideally be no more than a quarter inch apart when the door, cupboard or window is closed so that they trigger when opened

1. Peel the smallest strip from the backing paper and stick to the smaller part of the Hive Window or Door Sensor
2. Stick the biggest strip to the bigger part of the sensor
3. Wipe the area on the door or window frame where the adhesive strips will be attached and allow to dry
4. Remove backing from the adhesive strips so that you can firmly place the sensor on the door or window frame
5. When fixing the sensor in place, ensure there is enough space to slide open the case for future battery replacement

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