How do I use text control (SMS) with Hive Active Heating?

To control your heating using text messages simply send one of the remote commands below to 07860002088 (texts will be charged at your standard network rate). We’ll let you know we’ve received your text by sending you a text back (for free, of course).

Text commands you can use are:

HEAT STATUS - Sends you back the current mode, temperature and target temperature of your system.

HEAT ON - Turns your heating on in manual mode. A default temperature of 22 degrees is used unless you specify a temperature – eg “HEAT ON 20” for 20 degrees. Your heating will be set to continually keep your home at the specified temperature.

HEAT OFF - Turns your heating off. Your heating will stay off until you turn it on, or set it to auto. Frost protection will kick in if your house falls below 7 degrees.

HEAT AUTO - Turn your automatic schedule on. Use this to return to your usual heating schedule after using ‘HEAT ON’, or if your heating was previously off.

You can set a temperature after HEAT AUTO – eg “HEAT AUTO 18”. Any temperature set will be used until the next event in your schedule. You could use this text command to turn your heating up when you need it.

HEAT HELP - This will send you a list of the text commands.

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