Can I control my hot water by text (SMS)?

Yes, to control your hot water using text messages simply send one of the commands below to +447860 002 088 (texts will be charged at your standard network rate and responses are free).

Commands you can use are:

HW ON - Turns your hot water on to continually keep your hot water warm.

HW OFF - Turns your hot water off. Your hot water will remain off until you turn it on, set it to schedule or boost it.

HW AUTO - Turns your hot water schedule on. Use this to return to your usual hot water schedule after using ‘HW ON’, or if your hot water was previously off.

HW BOOST - Turn your hot water on for 1 hour to Boost your hot water, handy for when you need hot water quickly. After 1 hour the system will return to its previous status.

HW STATUS - Sends you back the current mode of your hot water system.

HW HELP - Request a list of available text commands.

Don't forget you can also control your heating by text.

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