How do I set up my Signal Booster (formerly known as a SmartPlug)?

To set up your Signal Booster:
1. Unpack your Signal Booster and read the safety notices on the leaflet in the box.
2. Choose a location for your Signal Booster.
• It should be plugged into either a mains power socket or an extension cable that can be left switched on.
• Find a spot to plug in half way between your Hive hub (this is plugged into your broadband router) and your Hive product(s) that are experiencing connectivity issues.
3. Plug your Signal Booster in and switch the power socket on. The light on the front should begin to flash amber.
4. Log into your Hive account at or using your mobile app, you may be required to enter your username and password.
5. Once logged in, open the menu and select "Install devices" and then "Add another device".
6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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