Where will Hive Active Heating be installed? Can I carry the thermostat into different rooms?

The Hive hub will be connected to your broadband router and the receiver will be wired next to your boiler. The wireless thermostat will be fixed to a wall in your home, often an internal wall in the hallway. 

It’s best to leave your thermostat fixed in place so that it can tell the temperature accurately and stay connected to the hub and receiver. Moving it around your home could cause the heating to come on when you don’t need it to.

Your thermostat shouldn’t be installed in the same room as a radiator that’s controlled by a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) as this could cause the central heating to be permanently on. If there is no option but to install the thermostat in a room with a radiator that has a TRV, then the TRV in that room should be turned to its maximum (hottest) setting. This will allow the thermostat to regulate temperature in that room correctly.

Section 3a of the Installation Guide provides further advice on thermostat placement.

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