My thermostat is displaying “Low Batts” or “Chg Batts” - what should I do?

LOW BATTS on the display means that your thermostat’s batteries are low and need changing for two new AA batteries. If the batteries go completely flat your thermostat will stop working and the message CHG BATTS will appear.

To change the batteries:
1. Press the two buttons on the sides of the thermostat and slide it up and off the wall.
2. Remove the batteries by turning the thermostat over and pulling the ribbon.

If you have a Smart Linked Thermostat you can find out how to change the batteries in the user guide available here.

Please note: while “LOW BATTS” is shown, your heating and hot water will continue to work normally. If your thermostat displays “CHG BATTS” your heating and hot water will switch off and can only be controlled using the button(s) on your Hive receiver.

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