I've moved into a house that has Hive products installed, what should I do?

If there is no Hive hub in the property call 0333 202 9627 to purchase a Hub that will enable you to use the Hive products in your new home.

If there is a Hub in the property firstly unplug the hub from your broadband router (if connected) but keep it plugged in at the power socket, for Hive Active Heating this helps maintain the thermostat’s range in the home. If there is a Signal Booster (also known as a SmartPlug) in the home switch this on too.

You’ll be able to control your heating and hot water manually from the thermostat on the wall but you won't be able to control your heating remotely from the Hive app, online dashboard or by text. For any other Hive products you will not be able to use them remotely until you have your own Hive user account. You'll be able to control your Hive Active Plug manually by pressing the power button at the top of the plug to switch the device that is plugged into it on and off. Your Hive motion and window or door sensors cannot be controlled manually.

If you’d like to use Hive Active Heating to control your heating remotely, you’ll need to buy a new Hive hub, just call the Hive team on 0333 202 9627 (free from mobiles) between 8am – 9pm Monday to Sunday for further details. See how Hive works here.

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