How do I reset my Hive Window or Door Sensor?

If you’re trying to pair your Hive Window or Door Sensor and you don’t see a light on the front flashing amber you may need to reset it.

If you purchased your sensor before November 2016:

1. Slide off the back cover of the larger sensor piece
2. Remove the battery
3. Locate the small white button
4. Put the battery back in place
5. Press and hold the small button for 10 seconds
6. Now, turn the device over. You should be able to see on the front that the green light is on for five seconds, and then starts double flashing

Once you see the light double flashing, you’re done!

If you purchased your sensor after November 2016:

1. Slide the front of the case down 2. Locate the small red button and hold down for approximately 10 seconds. During this time you will see a red light come on and go back off again. 3. A green light will then flash once. 4. After about 5 seconds, you will see a flashing amber light to indicate the sensor is in pairing mode. Once the light stops flashing, you’re done!

Try installing your Hive Window or Door sensor in your Hive app or online dashboard again.

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